Rocky Mountain High. For Real.

As I was wavering on daring to blog about how I celebrated the anniversary of my retirement, Bryan Williams’ teaser bolstered my nerve. “Coming up: Another state approves recreational marijuana sales,” his NBC Nightly News promotion promised. Settling in to watch the segment, I learned that it took Washington 20 months from when voters approved sales of recreational marijuana to actually open stores. A 65-year-old grandmother was first in line at one of them.

Last week, on the second anniversary of my retirement at age 65, I was vacationing in Colorado, the first and only state so far to legally sell medicinal and recreational marijuana. Never could I have imagined that I would forego Chardonnay for Canna Punch for my celebratory toasts.

All that day the devil on my shoulder was relentless: “Hey, it’s legal here!” “Why not?” “What an opportunity!” “When will you have this chance again?” “Do it.” Not to mention the urging of friends, such as this text: “Have u gone to a pot shop? You HAVE to so u can tell me about it!”

So, we did. All of us about my age. All with our individual memories of the free-spirited ‘70s, regardless of if we tried weed then, or not.

Mostly, we were curious. And naïve. First stop: A store that sells marijuana for medicinal purposes only.
CO June 2014 M Canna Punch sign

Because we didn’t have prescription health cards, the clerk was not permitted to show us any goods. Instead, she eagerly directed us to their “sister store” a few blocks away.

Off we went, in search of adventure.

The new retail store was airy and attractive. Artwork for sale graced the entrance of a spacious room, where glass cases displayed the merchandise. Except for the rolling papers and pretty pipes, we were pretty much clueless about the wares. A cute young clerk with a pixie hairdo and headband, channeling hippies long before her time, explained the kinds of Cannabis for sale—chew, sip or smoke—and the state laws that govern it. Edible marijuana included candy that resembled gummy bears. Drinkable weed doubled for fruit juice.
CO June 2014 M Canna Punch eat and drink

Jars of smokable pot had such labels as Alien Fire, Purple Urkle and Lucy.
CO June 2014 M Canna Punch smoke Lucy

Go for it. It’s legal here.

Just to say we did it, we purchased one bottle of Pineapple Mango Canna Punch, a little more than a pint, to share among the four of us. Drink one ounce at a time and wait at least a half hour in between, the clerk cautioned.

Safely “home” on a deck with a spectacular view of enormous peaks at sunset, we all experienced a real Rocky Mountain High.
CO June 2014 M ready for sipping

The drink was quite fruity with a distantly familiar undertaste. 😉 It took three rounds to feel any affects, all of us somewhat differently. For me, several minutes of giddiness turned into a wooziness reminiscent of the rare occasions decades ago when I took a few drags. I didn’t like that stoned sensation anymore this time … not sure if what I was saying was what I was thinking, and just wanting to curl up and sleep. Pot is not for me.

Although I’m in no rush to do that again, I have long supported the legalization of marijuana, particularly medicinal, if it is carefully regulated. According to the NBC news report, Washington already fears a pot shortage because of the scarcity of legal growers. And since selling marijuana became legal in Colorado in January, sales reached $70 million and the state is seeing a reduction in crime and increase in tax revenue and tourism.

With limited medicinal uses approved and plenty of talk about more legalization in my state of Florida, recreational marijuana sales could be in our future. Likely not in time for the third anniversary of my retirement next summer, but that’s just fine. I’ll take the glow of a Chardonnay buzz any day.

About Lorrie DeFrank

Retired and relishing the time to write about anything concerning people 65 and older, which is everything.
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12 Responses to Rocky Mountain High. For Real.

  1. Susan Geisler says:

    Too funny!!!!!!! Loved it!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Joan says:

    Well, good for you; when in Rome, as they say. The legalization of Marijuana is such a big deal, and it has filled the state coffers in Colorado nicely. Ingesting pot is a little more potent than smoking it, so I would have opted out of the punch and taken a few hits. I’ll bet I would have giggled more than you. 🙂 It’s a shame you could not have brought any home, since it’s still not legal on the federal level.

    Glad you did it so you could tell us about it!!

    Love, Joan

    • Hmmm, guess I should have known about the potency.
      Oh, Joan, I considered bringing the plastic bottle home as a souvenir but was afraid to even do that. No matter how many times I washed it I was positive the security dogs at the airport would sniff some residue. Just my luck!

  3. Chris S says:

    Loved this.. So well written Lorrie.. Young at heart and liberal minded..

  4. karen Okie says:

    Sheesh, what’s next for you two crazy kids? I’m not sure I agree with you on the pot legalization process outside a medical setting, but at least you can rest assured it’s kinder on your liver than chard. Live free and prosper!

  5. mary says:

    Ahhh, Lorrie, loved your post. Have been itching to try some, (40 years since last toke). However, am frightened to attempt it, as in where? (outside? probably, that give-away-scent)—-with whom?—(bf from HS when she’s in town?) Will Emily find out? Will I be in control, hate/love it? Gotta be the perfect time…can’t answer phone, drive, look at anyone. Oh crap…paranoid already!

  6. says:

    Quite a Birthday – glad to hear that marijuana is not for you – I have mixed feelings about it’s legalization – afraid it will not be handled properly – just imagine a pot head with a gun – scary.

  7. Nope, it’s not for me! Good point, Nancy.

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