Retired. Living my dream.

 As detailed in my first blog, 12th Stone (my logo) represents my monthly countdown to my 65th birthday in February 2012. Writing about issues that concern people 65 and older provides the opportunity to write about just about everything. Most of us are vibrant, fun, smart and very much alive. Few issues don’t concern us.

 Since pecking on a manual typewriter in my bedroom in grade school, writing has been a passion. Born and raised in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida, since the mid-1990s.

 Formerly an editor and reporter for Public Opinion, Chambersburg’s daily newspaper, I later worked in management for the City of Jacksonville and the University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville, occasionally writing columns, profiles and other stories for city and UF publications and Web sites.


New era. Blogging for fun. One step, or stone, at a time.

5 Responses to About

  1. Lorrie, You are such a talented writer. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading your first 3 stories. Knowing you personally and feeling like I was there with you through all of it makes it even more special. I can’t wait to read more…….. Love you girlfriend!

  2. Jim Malinka says:

    How fun to read how some woman think men think! Admittedly, they ask a man a question at the end of a date that seemingly they all ready know the answer too! Women have always rolled their eyes when men ask questions they think should be “No Brainers” ! Men are no different. You have to admit Lorrie it’s funny that women as a whole are upset at a answer they see coming from a mile away. Perhaps it is time for women to ask a different question or even handle themselves in a way that might make Betty Friedan smile and that would be to become the aggressor. Most likely the one thing that both men and women could agree on at this stage of our lives is that we never thought we would be alone much less advertising ourselves of the internet to win someones favor! When men answer their date, “I will call”, it is such a natural conditioned response, much like someone answering “Polo” when they hear “Marco”. As long as women keep asking the same question I feel certain that we can all expect the same results. So I know put it on you Lorrie and the rest of the feminine nation who now seem to stand behind you, to ask a different question or even offer up a clear and consise statement that would make a man want to call you for a second date. Go ahead Ladies and make the second move. Waiting for good things to happen is never as much fun as making good things happen. Betty never said that but I often think she wishes she had!

  3. Wow, Jim! What a poignant response to my senior dating/I’ll call you post. Love your Marco Polo analogy. Never thinking we would be alone at this stage in our lives much less advertising ourselves on the internet is powerful, too … and so true. Your challenge to us women is interesting. Yeah, for the most part at this age, what do all of us have to lose?

  4. Hi LorrIe,
    I totally identify with your thoughts on technology and cursive writing! Now that my kids have grown and flown, I am following my writing dream, too. I look forward to following your blog!

  5. Pam White says:

    Lorrie, Thanks for sending me your blog site. I am looking forward to getting mine started. You will be my inspiration! Pam

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