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Retired and relishing the time to write about anything concerning people 65 and older, which is everything.

Old cars, sweet memories

“What’s that?” asked my neighbor as I used a dash-mounted device to back out of a parking space. It’s a backup camera; my car is too old to have a built-in one, I told her, sparking a conversation about cars … Continue reading

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Dance in his honor

After a beloved member of our Carolina Shag club died suddenly last weekend a Facebook post notified members that our Sunday beachside dance would go on as usual. He was a regular there. Posters commented that we should show up … Continue reading

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Just breathe

Checklist after traveling 2,300 miles to touch my own soul: Breathe Blog Meditate The best part of last week (West Coast ~ how’d you guess?) by far was being with family. Close second was following their lead to decompress, returning … Continue reading

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Friends forever. Finally, Boston.

Reading Dan Buettner’s “The Blue Zones of Happiness” on a flight from Massachusetts to Florida this weekend I smiled at this part about how to be happy: Create a circle of at least three friends with whom you can have … Continue reading

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Heirlooms? No, thank you.

Consumable. Remember, consumable. So went my self-talk this afternoon as I shopped for a gift for a friend. At our age, we don’t need anything else sitting around. The best gifts are those you can eat, drink, spray, lather, dab, … Continue reading

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Hurricane binging, girdles and pantyhose

This one’s been making the rounds the past few days. You’ve probably seen it: Here in Florida, we identify. My boyfriend referred to my house as the “world’s best bed and breakfast” while we rode out Hurricane Irma there. He … Continue reading

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After Irma, deep gratitude

A little levity two days after Hurricane Irma, courtesy of a neighbor who still has not removed this window board: Paranoid that the historic flooding in my beloved Jacksonville, home for 21 years, will somehow cause a massive sewer failure, … Continue reading

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