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Retired and relishing the time to write about anything concerning people 65 and older, which is everything.

Hope chest – a thing of the past?

In case of fire or flood, some of my precious possessions would not be salvaged. Even my hurricane evacuation plans don’t involve rooting through my cedar chest to rescue treasures such as notes passed in high school, scrapbooks with black … Continue reading

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Back in time with Valli, ‘Bay-yay-bee’

How could an 84-year-old man make me feel like a teenager again? All it took was hearing Frankie Valli croon “Sherry, Baby” in 12 syllables. Nearly 24 hours later, I’m still savoring the musical journey through six decades that he … Continue reading

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Flashback: Christmas in the ‘50s

This morning I was on the road by 8, my holiday to-do list heavy on my mind. Last night my boyfriend reminded me that I said the same thing last Christmas, about being overwhelmed by holiday obligations and cutting back … Continue reading

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Lighten up; keep love alive.

“I just realized who you reminded me of the way you dressed for bed last night,” my boyfriend told me as we were leaving the gym this morning. “That woman in the comics.” “Who, Daisy Mae?” I teased. “No. One … Continue reading

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Can we talk? Political divide inhibits conversation

“How would I know the difference?” he deadpanned when I asked if he knows the signs of a stroke in case I start acting weird. Made me laugh. Thank heavens we still share a sense of humor. Not that there … Continue reading

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Old cars, sweet memories

“What’s that?” asked my neighbor as I used a dash-mounted device to back out of a parking space. It’s a backup camera; my car is too old to have a built-in one, I told her, sparking a conversation about cars … Continue reading

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Dance in his honor

After a beloved member of our Carolina Shag club died suddenly last weekend a Facebook post notified members that our Sunday beachside dance would go on as usual. He was a regular there. Posters commented that we should show up … Continue reading

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