June 2015

Three years since retirement. Three years of blogging. Three cruises. Missed the boat.

Not really. Although I realized this stage of my life would go fast, I have been blessed with experiences and opportunities I could not have imagined in June 2012. I’ve had fun blogging about things that concern those of us age 65 and older—from senior dating to deciphering Medicare. “You write what we’re thinking,” is the ultimate compliment.

Travel writing has long been an aspiration for “someday.” What have I been waiting for? It’s about time I take advantage of my trips and mix travel posts with senior humor on 12th Stone.

While such places as Alaska and Grand Turk will require digging into notes and photos, the subject of my first travel blog takes significant liberties with the word “travel.” A recent half-hour drive from my home to the Ponce Exhibit with its spectacular view at the Guana reserve inspired me to wait no longer.

Capturing travel memories. Another stone.


A Princess lodge in amazing Alaska


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